Is eczema making you feel overwhelmed?

ESC’s Written Action Plan can help

Does it ever feel like it takes forever to see your doctor, but when you do, you feel overwhelmed at all the information and instructions that go along with eczema management?

A team of Canadian dermatologists and specialists developed a sample Written Eczema Action Plan to help both you and your physician map out your treatment plan and manage the stress of all the steps involved with caring for a chronic condition.

ESC recently heard from dermatologist Dr. Michele Ramien. When addressing the stress and challenges associated with eczema care, Dr. Ramien commented on how a written care plan can be helpful: “One tip that I like to give families who are feeling overwhelmed with the burden of knowledge that care providers might be trying to impart on you is something simple like having a written treatment plan. I think it is key to understand what the treatment plan is – not to just have a prescription to treat eczema, but really understand what cream you need for what type of eczema, and how often you should use it, and when to stop. To really just understand all aspects of the treatment.”

A sample Written Eczema Action Plan can help – bring it to your appointments when meeting with health care professionals. It is an opportunity to ensure you are clear on their treatment plan and provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions.

Click here to view or print ESC’s sample Written Eczema Action Plan