Lianne and Sarah’s story: To those searching for a solution – don’t give up!

ESC Eczema Ambassadors are volunteers who live with eczema and know the challenges that come with this chronic condition.

They are also individuals who generously share their stories as a way to help others living with eczema. They are proof that there is hope, strength, and compassion among the eczema community.

Lianne and Sarah are two Eczema Ambassadors. This past November, they shared their story on Facebook to help raise awareness around the realities of severe eczema. ESC sincerely thanks them for sharing their lives, the unfortunate pain they have experienced, and their words of hope for those living with this condition. The following Facebook post was shared with permission from Lianne and Sarah:

For so many years we struggled with Sarah’s eczema. It seemed like nothing would work. So many creams, wraps, bleach baths… there were tears and pain – Sarah’s pain was physical, mental and emotional – and for me, as mom, my heart broke watching her work bravely through it.

We have been shunned by strangers – whispered about and avoided. I have “mama-bear’d” more than I like to admit on people who just didn’t know and didn’t ask but chose to judge. You see, people do not realize the toll that eczema can take on a young girl who suffers from it. The endless itch, the obvious rash, the triggers and the search for relief. The hit it takes on your confidence and your life.

We also have had the pleasure of answering those curious questions from kids and adults who want to understand and learn more. Thank you to those people for their kindness.

The search for a solution seemed to be like searching for the gold at the end of the rainbow — impossible. We had doctors upon doctors – each one with information, but the solutions only worked for a short while if at all. Some blamed us for not ‘following through’ others just gave up – eczema isn’t an easy puzzle. It’s different for everyone.

Eventually we found the dermatologist that wasn’t giving up…that was working WITH us, that was listening. He had new ideas for us to try. We found and started to participate with Eczema Society of Canada. We were no longer alone. We met others that had the same experiences – and some different experiences – some more extreme, some less — all welcoming, helpful, and comforting.

We travelled to be a part of an amazing look at the journey of an eczema patient, their families and it’s affect on the quality of their lives. We went to learn how to spread awareness and help others in the same situation.

We have found our solution for now and Sarah and I are both proud to work closely with the amazing team of people at Eczema Society of Canada for a few reasons.

First, we need to spread awareness – get treatments readily available to those who’s lives are impacted and secondly reach out to others no matter where they are in their #eczema journey so they know they are not alone.

To those still searching for their solution – don’t give up – there are people to help and solutions to be had. You are not alone.

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Photo credit: Biorhythm Photography