ESC congratulates hockey player and eczema sufferer Marian Hossa for his recent induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hossa, who notably played for the Chicago Blackhawks and Ottawa Senators, was forced to quit hockey in 2018 due to his lifelong battle with severe eczema, which he reported was worsened due to sweat and his hockey equipment. He told The Score in 2019:

“I wasn’t really thinking about the end, it just (came) basically, the eczema kind of told me,” Hossa told Powers. “My body told me there was no other way. That’s when I had to start thinking, ‘Well, it could be.’ Because my skin (was) almost like breaking. (It was) leaking from the wounds. (I was) missing practices.” 

Hossa has gone on to raise awareness for the condition and the impact it can have on the careers of sufferers.

ESC commends Hossa for his work and accomplishments, and we thank him for bringing much needed awareness to this chronic and debilitating condition.