Online birthday fundraiser for ESC exceeds $444 goal

Personal fundraisers are a great way to support ESC

This past February, ESC was honored when Eczema Ambassador Tristan created her very own online fundraising initiative to support our organization. For her 44th birthday, Tristan invited her network to help her reach her goal of raising $444 and the response was incredible. Over a few short days, Tristan’s not only met her goal, but raised a total of $1266.

Her online fundraiser is a shining example of the power in sharing our stories, and how any act – no matter how big or small – can make a difference.

Tristan created a personal fundraising page through Canada Helps, ESC’s online fundraising platform, and in her description she spoke about what motivated her to fundraise:

“In April 2019, I started getting rashes again with a severity I hadn’t experienced since my late 20s. The rashes became wounds all over my body – open areas a bit smaller than a dime. It was one of the worst times in my life. I had to keep working, keep being me, when I didn’t want to be. I could barely walk or stand the feeling of clothes, but I had to keep going.

I commented on ESC’s Facebook page, and they reached out to me immediately. They asked me to attend a focus group with other people living with eczema. They asked me to advocate for people like me at Queen’s Park. I was in pain, with limited mobility, and that was the kind of work that got me through it – the support, meeting other people just like me and knowing I could do something good. They still ask me to do good things, and that’s the silver lining I take from this condition, because it helps me cope. It helps me to not feel sorry for myself and keep moving forward. Luckily, I was able to connect with an amazing dermatologist who has helped me get back to “a little more normal.”

Tristan is a wonderful example of someone who is committed and generous with her time – her experiences and desire to help others with eczema has helped countless Canadians and ESC is so thankful for her support.

Our organization is stronger because of volunteers like Tristan, and we are excited that each and every dollar donated by private citizen donors go directly to fund ESC’s Research Grant Program, which directly supports eczema research and treatment development right here in Canada.

To learn more about how to get involved, or to find out how you can create your own birthday fundraiser, email us at [email protected].

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