Stay safe and stay positive!

Canadian musician and youth motivational speaker Kyle Dine had a message of positivity for kids living with eczema when he performed as part of our recent Life with Eczema events series.

Kyle himself lives with eczema and he worked closely with ESC to create content tailored for children living with this itchy skin condition. Kyle tells us: “I know sometimes it is hard for kids to have eczema, because our skin is a bit different, but I think that is something that makes us unique. I know for me, my eczema has actually made me strong! Knowing and managing our own health is a superpower in its own way, and if we stay safe and stay positive, eczema doesn’t have to stop us from living our dreams.”

Through song and a creative and interactive puppet show, Kyle educated the young audience and shared his messages of positivity, strength, and feeling good in our own skin. Kyle’s take away from the day was to “Stay safe and stay positive!” and we think during times like these, that’s a message we can all learn from.

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If you are a parent and are seeking information or support for your child with eczema, visit ESC’s Kids Corner for books, activities, and more!