We provide support for eczema sufferers, so they can manage their illness effectively

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Talking with others who understand what you are going through is very important. Eczema is a spectrum disease, meaning that there are very mild conditions which are not bothersome to the patient, and then there are moderate and severe conditions that have significant physical and psychological impacts. Talking to others often can minimize the impact of eczema.

Support Volunteers are here to help! They will share their experiences with you and are eager to listen to your experiences. All of our Support Volunteers either have eczema or are the parent or caregiver of someone living with eczema.


The Eczema Care Network is the place to easily find dermatologists and physicians who are accepting new patients in your area and have indicated that they are willing to help eczema sufferers. A referral from a primary care physician is still required to consult a dermatologist, however, in some provinces a dermatologist will see you if you choose to pay for the services yourself.

ESC does not recommend or endorse any particular physician or represent that the physician will be appropriate for a particular person or able to treat eczema. ESC provides a service to its subscribers and the general public to advise them about physicians who have indicated they are willing to see and help eczema sufferers.


Products that are identified as ‘Accepted’, have undergone a formal review, are free of ingredients known to be irritating to sensitive skin and have earned our Seal of Acceptance.

Look for products bearing the Seal of Acceptance to help you find suitable products for your skin. We recommend patch testing any skin care product before applying to a large area of the body. Speak with your doctor if you have any concerns related to your eczema management. For more information, please see our Seal of Acceptance Statement.


Eczema has a significant psychological impact on sufferers and their families.

Feelings of embarrassment can lead to social withdrawal and low self esteem. Sleep disruption is very common, especially in infants and young children, but can also be true for adults suffering with eczema. The condition can have a negative impact on mood and daily living, as it can be a chronically painful and uncomfortable condition. Eczema impacts quality of life for the sufferer and their whole family.

Together, these challenges can leave people feeling anxious, stressed, and even depressed. There is help! Working with a psychologist who understands these problems can help you manage these feelings better. There are groups in every province that can connect you with someone who can help. Below is our most up-to-date list of provincial psychologist associations.