Education and support for children with eczema

While eczema can be challenging for patients of all ages, it can be especially difficult for children to understand and manage. The emotions and stressors associated with the condition can be difficult for young people to process, and having eczema can sometimes lead to bullying, isolation, and low self-esteem.

Our kids eczema education resources can help young Canadians feel confident and empowered about their eczema.

Our Kids Eczema Education Package

Help educate others about eczema!

Education is the key to raising awareness and compassion around eczema. Are you or your child interested in hosting an eczema education session? If so, ESC can help! We can provide guidance on how to develop and host an education session, and send you presentation materials, education resources, as well as pens and stickers.

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ESC is working to develop resources for teens living with eczema.
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