Atopic Dermatitis Patient Journey Shines Light on Shared Patient Experience

ESC is delighted to share its report The Atopic Dermatitis Patient Journey, which takes a comprehensive look at the eczema patient experience in Canada.


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The Atopic Dermatitis Patient Journey aims to illustrate the shared path and challenges faced by patients living with atopic dermatitis (AD), commonly known as eczema, from symptom onset, to diagnosis, to the long road to treatment.

The first ‘phase’ of The Atopic Dermatitis Patient Journey. The map is divided into three distinct sections that can work independently or as a continuum. Patients may cycle back and forth through these phases and experience periods of managed and unmanaged AD. Click image to learn more.

Based on in-depth interviews, focus group meetings, and a national survey, the AD Patient Journey maps the patient experience and highlights the journey from diagnosis to management. It closely examines the quality of life impact and the burden of the disease as well, and reveals that the path of disease management is rarely straight or simple.

“By highlighting the common threads within the AD patient experience, ESC can highlight the challenges faced by patients and their family members,” says Amanda Cresswell-Melville, ESC Executive Director. “We hope this report can help bring deeper understanding and compassion for what it is like to have AD, and ultimately help improve patient care.”

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