We are a registered Canadian charity dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians living with eczema

Our mandate is to provide education, support, awareness, advocacy, and research. We offer patient and healthcare provider education, have support volunteers across the country, and fund research efforts through a competitive research grant program.

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ESC introduces The Atopic Dermatitis (AD) Patient Journey, which illustrates the patient experience of living with AD from first symptoms, to diagnosis, to initial treatment, and onward.

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La SCE présente le parcours du patient atteint de dermatite atopique (DA), qui illustre l'expérience du patient avec la DA, à partir des premiers symptômes et du diagnostic, jusqu’au traitement initial et par la suite.

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For Patients, Children, and Healthcare Providers
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Patient Eczema Education Package

Managing Eczema Guide, Hand Eczema Guide, Eczema Skin Care Made Simple

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Kids Eczema Education Package

Managing Eczema Guide, Eczema Skin Care Made Simple, School and Daycare Guide, Sometimes I Am Itchy – Children’s Book, Rub It In! Skin Care Chart

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Healthcare Provider Eczema Resources

Managing Eczema Guide, Hand Eczema Guide, Topical Corticosteroid Guide, Topical Calcineurin Inhibitor Guide, Topical PDE4 Inhibitor Guide, School and Daycare Guide, Eczema Skin Care Made Simple, Treating Hand Eczema (algorithm pocket card), Topical Treatments in Atopic Dermatitis Chart, Atopic Dermatitis: A Practical Guide to Management (Guidelines for Primary Care), Guidelines for The Management of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) for pharmacists

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News & Events

Winter skin care tips
Winter skin care tips Dry, cold air not the only common trigger We know the winter months can be especially challenging for eczema sufferers. Dry, sensitive skin, coupled with an impaired skin barrier and an overactive immune...
Does eczema make you itch? Take our survey!
Does eczema make you itch? Take our survey! ESC wants to hear from patients and caregivers about itching and scratching related to eczema. We are working to better understand the itch associated with atopic dermatitis (AD), commonly...
Upcoming Events Upcoming Events

ESC is hosting a webinar series this fall, featuring Canadian experts speaking on mental health, managing childhood eczema, and dealing with severe eczema that doesn't get better. Learn more or register now!

La SCE organise une série de webinaires cet automne, mettant en vedette des experts canadiens qui nous parleront de santé mentale, de la prise en charge de l’eczéma chez l’enfant et de l’eczéma grave qui ne s’atténue pas. Apprenez-en plus ou inscrivez-vous dès maintenant! Notez que ces séances se dérouleront en anglais.


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