Eczema tips for back to school

Heading back to school can be an exciting yet stressful time, and this year is no exception – new protocols and long absences from in-class learning can make emotions run high. To help reduce the stress for families who also have to cope with eczema flares, ESC is sharing some information to help prepare for the school year.

Mask wearing and hand-washing:

Understanding that Covid-19 protocols may vary from province to province, here is an article from 2020 that provides insight on mask-wearing and hand-washing and going back to school.

ESC understands that these factors can sometimes exacerbate or irritate eczema, and asked Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis and Dr. Neil Shear to share their insights on how to ease these challenges. As always, ESC recommends speaking with a qualified health care professional if you have any questions related to masking and handwashing as they relate to your or your child’s eczema.


ESC also knows that sometimes materials, like those found in some school uniforms, can irritate eczema, and this poses a unique challenge for some families. To help, ESC asked Dr. Joseph Lam about his advice on navigating this topic in preparation for school. Learn more here.

Going back to school is a big transition and ESC is here to help if you need support. Do you have any eczema tips for going back to school? Share with us on ESC’s social media!