It’s an exciting time for people living with eczema. There are several new medications on the horizon that will provide options for our community. As new treatments for eczema become available, such as biologic drugs, they can be expensive, and patients may have difficulty accessing them.

When a new drug is introduced in Canada, it takes time – sometimes even years – for it to be reviewed for reimbursement (i.e. how provincial governments and/or private insurers determine if and how they can help cover some of the costs for patients). There are ways to get help in the meantime.

If you have private insurance, you may have access more quickly than those who rely on public reimbursement. However, private insurers are starting to implement similar reviews, which may affect timelines.

Each province has a different process and different timelines. In the meantime, there are alternatives, such as Exceptional Access Programs, that allow people to access drugs not funded on the provincial formulary, or where no listed alternative is available.

Your specialist / care provider (e.g. dermatologist, allergist) can help you if you are struggling to access medication that is not yet covered by provincial or private plans.

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