ESC is raising awareness and advocating for eczema patients.

To date, ESC has:

  • Continued to raise awareness about the burden of eczema, including atopic dermatitis and chronic hand eczema, with multiple stakeholders
  • Raised awareness about the burden of eczema and quality of life impact with a media campaign reaching over 80 million Canadians
  • Met with Health Canada to raise awareness about the burden of eczema
  • Met with NIHB to advocate for indigenous patients and their access to improved care and medications
  • Contacted all Health Ministers, Deputy Health Ministers, and Provincial Drug Plan Managers to raise awareness about the burden of disease and the need for new therapies and patient access to new therapies
  • Provided pre-budget submission to various provinces across Canada to consider atopic dermatitis and eczema care in their budgets, as patients need improved health care and access to medications
  • Hosted a Queens Park Eczema Action Day this past November. ESC was presented in the question period and our teams of patient delegates met with various members of the legislative assembly to share their burden of disease and help advocate for better care for eczema patients
  • ESC is asking you to join us! Write to your elected officials and raise your voice with us. For information contact us at or call 1-855-ECZEMA-1.