Patients can access new drugs

When a health care professional prescribes a new treatment it may be challenging for patients to afford or pay for new drugs. Patients often rely on private insurance or public (government) coverage of medications. It can be difficult to navigate reimbursement of drugs and patients may not know how to get their drug paid for.

Navigating reimbursement

Figuring out how to get a drug paid for can be challenging. Patients may wonder, “Does my private insurance cover the cost of this drug? Does the public drug program pay for this drug?” A good place to start is a discussion with your prescribing health care professional. Some drugs may offer a Patient Support Program (PSP) which may help.

About Patient Support Program (PSP)

Some drug manufacturers will offer a Patient Support Program (PSP) which can help patients navigate the reimbursement of drugs. Some patients may be eligible for reimbursement through their private health insurance, and some patients may be eligible through public (government) plans. Enrollment in a PSP is always optional.

The journey continues

Eczema can be a complex and lifelong journey, and as the condition can change throughout a lifetime, so may your treatment plan. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support from your health care team along the way. If you have any questions about your treatment plan, be sure to consult a qualified health care professional.

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