Qualified medical researchers may apply for a grant through the ESC Research Grant Program, which allows Canadian researchers, such as those working in academic hospital centres and training health care professionals, a way to access funding for their research projects.

Eczema Society Research Grant Application 2021.


ESC is dedicated to supporting eczema research, and in the past few years has awarded more than $200,000 in grants to leading researchers across the country. Recent research grant recipients include:


  • Dr. Jan P. Dutz, MD, FRCPC and Dr. Touraj Khosravi, MD (University of British Columbia)
    Topic: The Role of IL-7 and IL-15 on Tissue Resident Memory T-Cells in the Recurrence of Dermatitis.


  • Dr. Yuka Asai, MD, FRCPC (Queen’s University)
    Topic: Impact of dermatology clinic establishment on health care utilization of eczema patients
  • Dr. David Granville, PhD (University of British Columbia)
    Topic: A novel therapeutic approach for atopic dermatitis


  • Dr. Aaron Drucker, MD, ScM, FRCPC (Women’s College Hospital)
    Topic: Evidence-based systemic treatment for atopic dermatitis
  • Dr. Carolyn Jack, MDCM, PhD (Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre.
    Topic: The impact of educational intervention in atopic dermatitis


  • Dr. Sunil Kalia, MD FRCPC (University of British Columbia)
    Topic: Long term safety of phototherapy
  • Dr. Aaron Drucker, MD, ScM, FRCPC (Women’s College Hospital)
    Topic: Burden of disease


  • Dr. Aaron Drucker, MD, ScM, FRCPC (Women’s College Hospital)
    Topic: Suicide risk in atopic dermatitis patients


  • Dr. Alana McEnvoy, MD (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
    Topic: Validation of paediatric written action plan to help improve patient care

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