Checking in: How dermatology patients are adjusting to virtual care

A recent survey-based study from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that most dermatology patients are enjoying the shift to virtual care. Many are finding it a more convenient and safer alternative to in-person visits, depending on the nature of their visit and level of required care.

The study showed that patients found telemedicine visits more time efficient, cost-saving, and convenient. Only a small percentage (6.9%) stated they would not recommend telehealth services. Not without its drawbacks, the survey cited that lack of physical touch, inability to provide close inspection, and/or procedural intervention as areas of frustration for patients when it comes to virtual care.

Overall, the study suggest that virtual care is an effective and safe alternative for dermatology patients, especially during this global pandemic. ESC knows first-hand that access to care, whether it is timely visits or ability to secure a referral to a specialist, is an ongoing issue for many Canadian eczema patients. We hope this new trend of virtual health care provides improved access to those who may be suffering.

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