A new report from ESC explores the impact of itch

Itch is frequently rated as the most bothersome symptom of atopic dermatitis (AD), and as one of the hardest parts of living with the inflammatory condition. But what is the impact of itch?

ESC recently set out to better understand the impact of itch on Canadians living with AD, and more than 600 of you completed our online survey. We have summarized the findings in our new report, Itch in Atopic Dermatitis, which explores topics such as intensity of itch, frequency of itch, as well as how itch affects sleep,  lifestyle, and quality of life.

While all symptoms of AD can be challenging to live with and manage, itch remains a burdensome aspect of the condition. The physical act of scratching the skin can also cause skin damage, pigment changes, marks, and scars among both children and adults with AD.

The report illustrates the significant burden patients experience related to the itch of AD. Read the full report here. 

ESC sincerely thanks the patients and caregivers who shared their expertise and insights for this project, as well as the Canadians who took the survey. ESC also extends sincere gratitude to Dr. Panteha Eshtiaghi, MD, for her review of the survey and data analysis. The creation of this report was supported in part through funding from Pfizer Canada.