Itching during a lesson. Can’t concentrate. Red raw flare-up after physical education. Hands irritated after the lesson with modelling clay. “Are other kids looking at my skin?”.

School can be stressful for many children, but the school experience can be challenging for children with eczema. The good news is there are some strategies you can use right now to help improve the school experience for your child with eczema.

Tips for back to school:

  • Use the Eczema School and Daycare Guide to help educate the teachers, daycare providers, and staff about your child’s condition.
  • Provide discrete, small containers of moisturizer for your child to use when having a flare. Develop some signal with the teacher that the child can use when having a flare so that the child can be excused to the restroom to apply the creams.
  • Use relaxation techniques that don’t call attention, such as deep breathing.
  • Do a “trigger assessment” of the classroom. Carpeting, chalk dust, and certain crafting materials may be a trigger for eczema. Work with the teacher or day care providers to ensure the classroom is not contributing to the flares.

For additional help or information, contact Eczema Society of Canada at 1-855-ECZEMA-1, by email at or visit us online at