ESC shares 3 ways to meet your fundraising goal

Have you ever considered fundraising for ESC but don’t know where to start? This upcoming November is Eczema Awareness Month, and it is a great way to inspire others to support our goal of helping improve the lives of Canadians living with eczema.

For those who are looking for ways to give back, here are three simple ways you can get involved:

  1. Host an online fundraiser: ESC’s online donations are managed by CanadaHelps, a leading fundraising platform for Canadian charities. It makes setting up a personal online fundraiser simple and turnkey. Recently, ESC Eczema Ambassador Tristan J. created a personal birthday fundraiser and shared it on her social media and raised more than $1266!
  2. Share on your social media and ask others to share too: When sharing your fundraiser idea online, consider including a personal element –what does a life with eczema means to you? What is one thing you wish people knew? We know it can be intimidating to share your story and set a fundraising goal – but remember that whether people donate or not, sharing experiences helps educate and raise awareness around what eczema sufferers cope with daily. It also lets others know they are not alone.
  3. Write a letter: A personal touch can make a big impact. Consider writing a personalized letter to the people you are inviting to support your initiative. You can also remind your supporters that all private citizen donations to ESC go to support our Research Grant Program which directly funds eczema research and treatment development in Canada. ESC’s competitive Research Grant Program has awarded more than $200,000 to researchers across Canada. The program supports programs aimed at improving quality of life and better understanding this complex condition.

Want to learn more? Contact us at to learn how you can set up your own fundraiser. Want to donate? Eczema Society of Canada is partnered with Canada Helps for secure online donations. Donate Today!