November is Eczema Awareness Month

and ESC wants to know:

What is it like to live #ADaywithEczema? It’s more than just dry skin.

November is Eczema Awareness Month, and ESC invites Canadians to watch and share “A Day with Eczema”- an intimate look into the life of a chronic eczema sufferer. Our video features Tanya Mohan, a lifelong eczema sufferer and ESC volunteer who generously gave us permission to film what it is really like to live a day with eczema.

Click here to watch “A Day with Eczema” on our YouTube channel.

Our goal is to show the true burden of this condition and how it can impact every facet of daily life. Sadly, eczema is still often minimized and misunderstood. People who don’t live with it simply don’t understand how debilitating it can be. ESC wants to change this perspective.

ESC wants to help the general public, healthcare providers, and healthcare decision makers understand the burden of this disease, current gaps in care, and needs of our patient community. Recent research and treatment breakthroughs are bringing new hope to patients and their families. However, these advancements won’t help if the people who need them most can’t afford or access them.

If decision makers have more knowledge and awareness about eczema, they can make better decisions that will impact and improve the lives of sufferers. But we can’t do it without your help.

Watch our video, share it on social media, and tell the world how you live #ADaywithEczema

Include the hashtag #ADaywithEczema and ESC will show them at our meetings with government officials and health agencies responsible for improving access to new therapies and treatments.

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