Life’s an itch!
Take our challenge and “live the itch” of eczema [caption id="attachment_17301" align="alignright" width="206"] Click to expand[/caption] Itch is frequently rated as the most bothersome symptom of atopic dermatitis (AD),...
Caring for the eczema caregiver
Caring for the eczema caregiver [caption id="attachment_13257" align="alignright" width="300"] Support for Eczema Caregivers – watch our video to learn more.[/caption] It is often said that eczema doesn’t just impact the...
Managing the burden of eczema
When the road ­gets bumpy: Managing the burden of eczema ESC asked registered psychologist and fellow eczema sufferer Dr. Shawn Reynolds to share his advice on coping with the stress and sometimes overwhelming feelings that accompany...
Advocacy Update – Have your say!
Advocacy Update - Have your say!   September 2021 Update    Want to join ESC and raise your voice to advocate for eczema? Participate in consultations with ESC to help us inform decision makers about the needs of eczema...
Eczema tips for back to school
Eczema tips for back to school Heading back to school can be an exciting yet stressful time, and this year is no exception – new protocols and long absences from in-class learning can make emotions run high. To help reduce the stress...
Want to host a fundraiser for ESC this awareness month?
ESC shares 3 ways to meet your fundraising goal Have you ever considered fundraising for ESC but don’t know where to start? This upcoming November is Eczema Awareness Month, and it is a great way to inspire others to support our goal...
Chronic Hand Eczema: A shadow pandemic
Chronic Hand Eczema: A shadow pandemic The pandemic has led to many significant changes in how we live our day to day lives, and a notable shift is the increase in frequency and duration of hand washing.  While hand hygiene is an...
Share your story: Life’s an Itch
Share your story: Life’s an Itch Allie is an Eczema Ambassador and a passionate advocate for better care and improved support for eczema sufferers and their families. She recently volunteered to share her story as a way to help...
Registration for 2021 fall webinars now open
Fall webinars explore atopic dermatitis (AD) treatment developments and eczema in skin of colour ESC is hosting two FREE new webinars this fall: Itching for Answers: A Conversation with Dr. Aaron Drucker and Eczema in Skin of Colour...

ESC is hosting a new webinar series this fall, focusing on tackling eczema flares and support for the caregiver. Learn more or register now!

La SCE organise une nouvelle série de webinaires cet automne (en anglais), afin de s’attaquer aux poussées d’eczéma et d’apporter un soutien aux aidants. Apprenez-en plus ou inscrivez-vous dès maintenant!